Laminating gives products a protective shield and prevents damage. However, the lamination needs to be strong and efficient. You can trust Pack Rite Solutions to offer quality lamination. 

What We Offer

At Pack Rite Solutions we are equipped with the skill and machinery to laminate large quantities of materials. The features of our lamination services include:

  • Equipments can laminate materials of up to 22.0 mil thickness
  • Wide laminator of size 1.5 m to 65 inches
  • Laminators that can laminate over 400m/mm

Solventless lamination for greater efficiency

Lamination processes can be solventless laminations or solvent laminations.

In solvent lamination, certain kinds of adhesives are used to stick protective layers on products. Although effective, this lamination process can be harmful for goods. Solventless laminations are considered to be more efficient because they are perfectly safe for products. These laminations are carried out using heat and air instead of chemical adhesives.

At Pack Rite Solutions we specialize in solventless lamination. In doing so, we secure your products thoroughly. The hi-tech process we use also makes your product look brighter and more attractive. Our skilled team ensures that the laminations are exceptionally precise and perfect.

Why Pack Rite Solutions?

  • A great combination of quality and choice
  • Advanced equipment
  • Timely delivery
  • Certified and dedicated manufacturing staff
  • Robust customer service
  • Creative services based on your needs

Contact Pack Rite Solutions to discuss your high quality lamination requirements.