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Products from Pack Rite Solutions

We understand the importance of high quality packaging. The focus of our business is ‘researched based growth’. This means that every product we produce is a result of research and multiple stages of quality testing. We use state-of-the-art technology in order to deliver high quality packaging materials. We never compromise the quality of our packaging materials used, ensuring your goods are never damaged.

Our ability to customize your products is what sets us apart from the others. If you need a certain kind of packaging material, just get in touch with us and communicate your requirements. Our research and design team will work with you to produce the perfect customized design and we will begin the manufacturing process on your approval.

What we offer

We specialize in high barrier flexible packaging that ranges from printed and plain roll stock to plain pouches and zipper stand up pouches.

What we offer

We specialize in high barrier flexible packaging that ranges from printed and plain roll stock to plain pouches and zipper stand up pouches.

Plain and Zipper Stand Up Pouches

We have the best pouch for your product – it’s not just a vacuum bag! Choose from our stand-up pouches or zipper three sided seal pouches and print your pouch in up to 10 colours.

We make use of advanced manufacturing processes to create flexible, high barrier and sustainable pouches that offer high clarity and are resistance to atmospheric changes. 

Our pouches are suitable for a wide range of applications/sectors including pharmaceuticals, personal care, industrial goods and food ie: meat, cheese, seafood, poultry, coffee, confectionery, pet food and more.

Plain and Printed Rollstock

We specialize in manufacturing cost effective, high quality roll stock that secures your products against air and moisture. Our roll stock is durable, flexible, printable and sustainable and suitable for packing meat, cheese, fish and poultry.

We can print up to 10 colours and have an in house graphics team to make your product more attractive in today’s competitive market. At Pack Rite Solutions we offer various types of packaging such as metallic, black,white and gold roll stock and 28% high EVA roll stock for skin packaging.

We at Pack Rite Solutions understand the importance of good packaging and are CFIA, FDA,HACCP and ISO 9001 certified.

Plain and Zipper Stand Up Pouches

Plain and Printed Rollstock

Why Choose Packrite Solutions?

When we handle your order, we take care of two aspects – your precise requirements and your budget. All our packaging solutions are durable and functional.

Our passion is to deliver solutions that fit your packaging needs. Tailoring services to meet your requirements is always on the top of our priority list. This way, you don’t have to incur additional costs.

When you work with Ritepack Solutions you can expect:

A technical team that understands your needs.

Delivery on time frames set by you

Strict adherence to Canadian quality standards

A clear and transparent agreement that does not hide any costs

Great customer service